About Berry Lake



Produce Raspberries and All types of berries with the best Health and Safety practices demanded at national and international markets.


To be the best option for producers of Raspberry and consolidate our national and international level as one of the best options for production and trade of sustainable Berrys in Mexico and contribute to the improvement of our social environment.


  • 1

    Air shipments.

    Just at 45 min of the International Airport of Guadalajara.

  • 2


    Just 290 km from the seaport of Manzanillo which is another of our strengths in our main storage.

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    Being established in the center of the Country is our greatest strategic value to our customers.




Berry Lake is a 100% Mexican company born from the initiative of a group of producers to meet domestic and international market demand and quality  strawberry consumer at reasonable prices and with the warranty to be produced, stored and distributed with great health and sustainability practices according to the market demands

What make  Berry Lake a unique company is that all its members and producers have  years of experience in different techniques both open sky and using macro tunnel along with management of variety raspberry.

In summary Berry Lake is a company with  more than 14 years producing berries under the scheme of Safety and Global Gap certification Primus BCS and Oko Garantie and through its associated agricultural producers Agricola Jazmin and Agricola Yaneyjaz.

Berry Lake offers producers the benefit of train and get better results as production units, where each unit of production is seen as an economically profitable and efficient self.



  • Respect for our customers, consumers, our staff and the environment.
  • Honesty transparency and clarity, assuming full compliance with possible commitments.
  • Continuous Improvement: at each step of the chain, in order to arrive at a better value proposition to the end customer.
  • Teamwork: our employees, customers and suppliers in order to meet service goals.